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Is your house underwater?

Would you like to sell, but you owe too much? Would you like a fresh start? We can help!
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Due to the recent changes in the real estate market, many homeowners have discovered that they owe far more than their house is worth. The combination of adjustable rate loans and the decline in property values has trapped many people in homes they no longer want or can no  longer afford.

We negotiate massive discounts with you lenders allowing you to sell at today’s lower prices. You walk away owing ‘nothing/ and get the fresh start you deserve.

We handle all of the marketing, negotiations and escrow, and from your perspective, our services are FREE.

Some loans qualify for relocation assistance, and if you’re fortunate to have one of those loans, your lender may actually pay you thousands of dollars in relocation assistance.

If you’re ready to move on, make a new start and eliminate the stress of high payments.


My house is underwater!

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