August 28, 2015 Realty World South County

4 Things Your Morgan Hill Real Estate Agent Wants You To Know

Family-room-700Getting your house sold is often affected as much by your presentation of it as by the current housing market. Give your Morgan Hill real estate agent a selling edge by taking care of these buyer turnoffs.

Your Price Might Be a Bit High

Yes, we know that your house, which you’ve remodeled endlessly and carefully landscaped with an overwhelming number of hybrid tea roses, was a labor of love, but the next person might not see it the same way. Be willing to negotiate on the price. A real estate agent recommends setting the price slightly below market value for similar houses; this will position your house to sell.

Your House Needs Some Cleanup

We’ve seen it all–the house with a half-done or shoddy paint job, the closets that avalanche when we open them to show the “space” to potential buyers, the overgrown shrubs, or the telltale signs of cockroach or rodent infestations. Paint, clean up the clutter, trim the shrubs, or call pest control–do whatever you need to do to take care of these unsightly issues. Don’t forget unmade beds, dirty dishes, and gross bathrooms. Those need attention too and only take a little time to resolve.

Your Pets Are Less-Than-Friendly

You may think Fido and Peaches are the most saintly pets on the planet, but buyers may not agree. Pets that bark, scratch, or snarl can cost you a sale. Some buyers are afraid of large dogs or dog species that are known to be dangerous. Also, be aware that exotic pets may keep some buyers from even entering the house. It’s best to take pets off the premises during home showings.

You House Needs a Fresh Smell

You may have a few pets, but your house shouldn’t smell like it. Empty those kitty litter boxes, get the carpet cleaned, and clean up dog doo-doo in the yard. Strong cooking smells can send some buyers packing too. If you need to cook your favorite garlic and onion dish, do your buyers a favor by airing out the house with natural air. For many buyers, cigarette smoke is a detractor. Take your smoking outside if possible. You can also create pleasing aromas for potential buyers with lightly scented candles or freshly baked cookies.

Position your house to sell. After all, both you and your Morgan Hill real estate agent will benefit from selling your house sooner rather than later.


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