August 13, 2015 Realty World South County

How to Paint Your House to Sell: Tips from Your Gilroy Real Estate Agent

Modern-Trade-PainterWhen you’re getting ready to sell your house, it’s worth your while to get it looking its best. Giving it a fresh paint job is a fast, economical way to do that. With that, your Gilroy real estate agent may be able to sell your house faster and get a higher price for you. Here are some tips.

Buy Supplies

Obviously, you’ll need to buy the paint. Check your local hazardous waste recycling center for leftover paint from business contractors. This could actually be free! One savvy homeowner bought several five-gallon buckets of brand new paint for $45 at a recycling center. Or you can check the mistints section at your local retailer for discounted paint. Regardless how you buy it, go for paint that is better quality–at least mid-grade quality. It might take less coats of paint and will be more durable. Buy primer if you are painting over wood, drywall, or stained surfaces or if you are covering a dark or bright color. (Tip from your real estate agent: buy paint in neutral colors; those sell a house better.)

You’ll need at least one large paint brush for trimming, a small angled paint brush for corners, and a paint roller and tray. To protect surfaces not being painted, buy masking or painter’s tape and drop cloths (preferably canvas or plastic drop cloths). You can even use old shower curtains and vinyl tablecloths for drop cloths; find some on the cheap at your local thrift store. Get some spackle (and a spackle spatula) and sandpaper as well.

Prepare the Room

First off, take everything off the walls and  move everything out of the room. If you’re not able to take large furniture out of the room, move it to the center of the room and cover it with a large drop cloth. Spread drop cloths over the floor areas where you’ll be painting. Remove outlet covers and door handles. Next, apply masking tape to your trim and windows. Touch up cracks, bumps, and dents with spackling and smooth out rough textures with sandpaper. Wash the surface to be painted in order to remove dust and grease. If there’s mold, use bleach to remove the mold before painting over it.

Paint Away!

Now, you’re ready to paint. Trim the room first by taking your paint brushes and painting all the edges and corners first. (However, if you’re painting the baseboards, wait to do those until last.) Then, roll paint on the main areas, starting with the ceiling (if you’re painting that) and working your way down to the floor. Usually, you’ll need at least two coats of paint.

Paint jobs will generally take more than one day, especially if you’re applying more than one coat of paint. You can skip cleaning paint brushes and rollers between coats of the same paint. Just wrap them tightly in plastic bags, tie them shut, and leave them for the next day.
Now, you’re ready to sell. Take it from your  Gilroy real estate agent–a house with some fresh paint will outpace the competition and sell sooner.


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