April 15, 2015 Realty World South County

Characteristics of a Great Morgan Hill Real Estate Agent

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Your real estate agent can make or break the experience of buying and selling a home. Many qualities separate the good real estate agents in Morgan Hill from the great ones, but here’s a few that really seem to make the most difference:

They set boundaries.

This one is so important and it’s not one that people often recognize. A real estate agent who can keep good boundaries with you as a client is probably keeping good boundaries with everyone else involved in your home buying and selling process. You won’t need to worry about getting walked all over or ignored because your agent is keeping everyone in line, including you.

They have a large network.

Everyone has to start somewhere… even a new real estate agent has to take some time building their client and network base, but everyone comes into the game with various circles of influence. The key is knowing how to use them. A great agent is innovative enough to utilize the network they currently have to your advantage.

They are honest – with you and everyone else.

A great real estate agent should be as honest with you as they are with everyone else. They should be able to look you in the eye and tell you that your expectations need an adjustment or that you’ll need to work a little harder to get your home ready to put on the market. If they are being honest with you, they are probably being honest with everyone else.

They have excellent communication (and listening) skills.

Everyone has different communication styles. Do you prefer to be reached via email or phone? Do you like fluffy, long-winded conversations, or do you want to get right to the point? An excellent real estate agent can quickly read what forms of communication work best for you and will offer you that same quality of interaction every time you talk.

They are loyal.

When you can sense someone’s loyalty, it instantly builds trust. Buying and/or selling a home can be one of the most stressful experiences people face. You want people you can trust surrounding you through the emotional roller coaster of the whole process. Your agent is no exception.

They like being a real estate agent.

Some people are very good at a job, but they don’t necessarily enjoy it. As a customer, you can usually tell who those people are. An agent could possess all of the characteristics listed above, but if they don’t enjoy their profession, you probably won’t enjoy working with them.

You don’t want to rush the process of choosing your Morgan Hill real estate agent, and a great one won’t push you into making a decision quickly. Whether you are relocating here from out of the area or just upgrading to your dream home, take your time, ask lots of questions, and in the end, let your gut instinct be your guide.


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